Stepping Stones

Ganesh Arts origin lies within a remote idyll in rural South India - Bharatha Sakthi Charitable Trust. BSCT manage a school and orphanage which provides free education to 500+ underprivileged children alongside a range of social, healthcare, water, agriculture and reforestation projects.

While participating in a variety of projects at BSCT, we created an art studio where we paint in our free time and from the first day were greeted by hundreds of fascinated children peering in through the windows, enchanted by the creative atmosphere. We immediately recognized the need for a more permanent solution to their enthusiasm and soon-after held regular art classes for the children of all ages.

Over the years we observed the gradual recognition of contemporary Indian art and acclaim of pioneering veteran artists Souza, Raza, Mehta, Hussain etc. and while visiting artists from Pondicherry, an old French colony in South India we acknowledged their exceptional talent and potential to spearhead our recently conceived 'arts education baby'; Ganesh Arts was born.

Our ideas gradually manifested as substantial collections of Pondicherry's finest artists which we present here within our website, through regular exhibitions at 21 Kensington Gallery and Gallery 118, Westbourne Grove and exhibitions around the world.