Amidst a labyrinth of streets dotted with cafes, restaurants, theatres and galleries, Pondy offers the visitor a variety of cultural delights  which capture the heart.

An old French colony in the heart of Tamil Nadu where quaint architecture, ancient temples and rustic rural suburbs set the scene for a vibrant blend of Indian and French culture which harmoniously coalesce and seamlessly reflect in the work of its emerging artists.

Inspired by the rich and unique tapestry of cultural integration, picturesque setting and drawing upon their strong bond of friendship and talent; the Pondicherry group represent a unique chapter in the unfurling annals of art history. Collectively instigating an intimate and personal modern day resurgence of Impressionism and Expressionism reminiscent of the old masters.


Danasegar S.

Ezhilarasan E.

Manickam P.

Santhakumar E.

Sekar R.

Senthilnathan M.
Sridar K.

Tirounavacarassou G.

Vasudevan A.

Vengatesan B.